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Monday, March 9, 2009

Trees and Tire Swings

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was wonderful. The weather has been spectacular. We have definitely taken advantage of the warm weather even with the threat of being blown away!

Saturday was the carnival at the girls' school. K and I worked the first shift in her room and then DH and L joined us after that. The girls left with painted hair (hot pink is NOT easy to get off the scalp LOL) and lots of loot. Afterwards they spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing. Sunday we took a trip down to our new home. K got a tree for Arbor Day last year and wanted to make sure it got to our new house. We decided it would be a lot easier to take now than when we had all of our stuff. We got L a tree of her own to plant in the back yard of our new house too.

Of couse our little nature lover had to make sure the worms were safe! LOL I am not kidding! She pulled out any worms she found to make sure they didn't get squished. She then safely put them back in the ground before we filled the hole with dirt.
I also have a layout to share with you. Did this one for a the contest over at Magistical Memories this month. There is still time to enter and you could win some awesome chipboard! Check out the contest here.
Anyway here is my layout. I used one of the new Bubble Frames as my base for my photo strip. The cute flower is from Prima and that awesome stamp is one of the new ones from Maya Road.
Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for stopping by!


Mary said...

What a fun day! Those girls crack me up about the worms!

Jody said...

Adorable LO and such a cute story about your dd and worms.
Wish I felt the same way about worms, I went to get my morning newspapers off the rainy driveway and FREAKED because when I lifted the papers there were 10+ worms under them. Blecccccccch!

Claude said...

How cute that she was saving the worms! She sounds very sweet!

I love your layout, the design is beautiful! I absolutely love that bubble frame. And I almost bought that MR stamp the other day, but decided against it. Now I'm sorry I didn't put it in my basket!

Rachael said...


It's the best when spring starts to emerge!! Gotta love weekends like this!!!

Beautiful layout!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun weekend :) My little one is already a nature lover as well...of course his daddy is a forest ranger, so I guess it's in his blood!

Beatiful layout as well! I love the design and colors and your use of white space.

Mary Jo said...

Hi Lisa!
Such sweet photos and your birthday banner posted below is amazing! =)

Susan Beth said...

I am so envious of your spring! Glad your family got to enjoy it, expecially the planting trees part. My sister used to collect the worms in her pockets, which made my mom wonder what was all over our clothes when they came out of the laundery! YUCK!

happydays525 said...

What fun! Our ground is still covered with snow (sigh!) the layout!

Audrey said...

really cute layout! and I'm giggling over the worm rescue -- sounds just like my youngest!

vtpuggirl said...

With all you've got going on, I'm amazing that you still post beautiful layouts! Are you moved in yet?

Linda Beeson said...

That little tree is so cool and it so reminds me of when we moved into this house of ours and now how gigantic those same small trees are! It is such a great way to look back and see the time that went by.