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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hardware shopping

Happy Thursday everyone!

Not a whole lot of time to chat this morning. I got a little side tracked watching Idol last night and did not get whole lot of scrappin' done last night. I am rootin' for the two praise and worship leaders-Chris and Danny. I do kind of like Adams voice but he just creeps me out a bit. The look he gives the camera sometimes is a little eerie. As for the girls, eh. Lil has a great voice but she is really the only one I like.

I went yesterday to check out two stores for towel racks and toilet paper holders for our new home. Rob the builder (if you have young kids that should make you smile ) told us he usually doesn't put those in because people have such differences in taste. That kind of surprised me. I have to stop and say that Rob is an awesome guy. I have been so impressed with him. He is professional and prompt and extremely easy to work with. Anyway, DH and I found some racks at Restoration Hardware that we really liked.

Pretty huh? It is also quite expensive, especially when you need to put them in every bathroom. So we are in the process of checking out other places to see if there is something else we like.

Wanted to share one of my absolute favorite layouts with you this morning. This layout was in the February issue of Memory Makers. These pictures started off staged. I sat the girls on the sofa, that I had turned toward the big picture window and I was determined to get some good pictures. Well, you know the saying about best laid plans. The started bickering, at one point L was crying, the whole bit. But I just snapped away, hoping to get at least one picture I could use. We got done and I was frustrated, sure that it had been a waste of time. Then I saw these pictures and my heart just melted. I love how the layout turned out but more than that, I love how the pictures captured their relationship. These two sweet girls have such a tight bond. They definitely have their moments (like this morning as they both tried to share a shower) LOL but they adore each other. I thank God every single day for that. The layout is actually white so I added a black border so you can see it better.

Have an amazing day.



vtpuggirl said...

Such a beautiful layout, I absolutely love that one! Love the towel bar too.

Suzanne said...

What a totally cute layout! I love the towel bar. I had some like that in my last house -- bought them at Lowe's for probably half the cost of what you can get them for at RH. Good luck in your search! Check Ebay.

Stephanie Vetne said...

Photos like that are THE BEST!!!

Pamela said...

Saw this layout in it! :)

Sarah Mullanix said...

Very sweet...I love that sisterly bond that we both get to witness each and every day!!


Scrapper Mom said...

I love all your layouts of your girls together...they are just too precious! And, yay for getting more things settled into your house :)

Linda Beeson said...

Yes, they are pretty - remember that once you buy those kinds of things, you don't usually buy them again for years so you really should have ones that you can look at and remember how much you loved them when you picked them out.

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi Lisa! What a beautiful page! No wonder it was published. I love the large heart, and those brads around the outside edge are SO eye catching. And the photos.... they did turn out really well. What a couple of cuties.
Good luck in finding your towels holders and bars. It's a lot of work getting a whole house ready, but so exciting, too.

MollyPeckham said...

Ok, so loving that layout, no wonder it is one of your favs, my friend!