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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paint fumes

I can still smell the fumes throughout the house but they are completely worth it. I am absolutely thrilled with how each room turned out. Each room perfectly matches my sweet daughter that belongs to lives there. :)
My youngest has loved the color blue for as long as I can remember but is completely a girly-girl. A few years ago we found her this beautiful comforter at Pottery Barn. The comforter is still in perfect shape so we kept that and DH and I painted her room to match. It is hard to tell the true color from the photo but it has a bit of a purplish tint. I have ordered three white 6x6 frames that I am going to put over her bed.

I created all of the flowers for the walls using this flower die from Sizzix. I cut the flowers out of white Contact paper and then attached them randomly to the walls. I then used hot glue to apply rhinestones to the center of each flower. If you choose to do this make sure you put the glue on the rhinestones and not the flowers or you will melt the Contact paper. L loves how her room glitters and is especially fond of it at night with her night light makes the rhinestones look like stars. :) I made the canvas in this picture a couple of years ago and it matches the color of her walls perfectly. The sides were painted blue and the paper on the top is from Webster's Pages. I believe the butterfly transparency is from Heidi Swapp. I then hand cut the title and wrote below the butterfly a quote about inner beauty.

My oldest daughter is completely different. She is quite happy in jeans and a t-shirt and even happier if that t-shirt has a peace sign or says something about love. :) She picked this Pottery Barn teen bedspread out for her Christmas present. The colors are a bit off in the first picture but her room is a really pretty aqua color that matches the bedspread and brown on the opposite walls.
I created the peace signs at the top of her walls using Contact paper as well. I used my Creative Memories circle cutter to first draw the circle for the peace sign. I then used my ruler to create the inside parts of the peace sign. I then cut all the round parts with the circle cutter, making sure to skip the straight edges when I did the inside. I then used my scissors to cut the straight edges.

My in-laws gave K this enlargement of a picture I took of her when we were in Hawaii. We told the girls that if they helped us sell our previous house (keeping their rooms neat and picking up their stuff) we would give them some kind of reward. DH and I decided while in Hawaii that we would splurge to let them swim with dolphins as their reward. I just love that picture.

Today I plan on getting a few more cards done. That is after I take L's shoes to school. They are going to a ballet today and so she is wearing a new dress and her dress shoes. She has a change of clothes in her backpack but forgot to put her tennis shoes in. grrrrr. :)
Have a fabulous day and as always thanks for stopping by! It means a lot to me.


lisa dickinson said...

what amazing paint jobs lisa! and the contact paper flowers are just genius - LOVE!!

Charlene said...

WOW Lisa !!!! There rooms turned out beautiful!!! Very innovative!!!! Can you come make those cute flowers for my scraproon :-)? I really love the picture of K and the dolphin...Really nice, just perfect!!!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, you didn't just paint! What amazing accents!

Nat said...

what beautiful rooms your girls have- love the wall work you did!

Michelle Lanning said...

oh these are adorable rooms - Love how you accented each!

Jody said...

Oh My!
Such gorgeous rooms!
Come to NY, my rooms are waiting...

Mary said...

Neato! So special! Eliza and I loooooove them both. You have some lucky girls!

vtpuggirl said...

I love looking at how people decorate, is that weird? I love those flowers, I wish I could see the flower room in real life! It looks like something straight from HGTV!

Ashley Harris said...

What great rooms! I have the same bedding as your top photo for my girls. I have the crib set and then the twin set. Love how the rooms turned out! So fuN!!

Keshka said...

The room looks stunning! I love it! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

Lisa Howard said...

Fantastic job on the girl's rooms! Love all the creativity used to make them so personal. Truly a labor of love. (PS I absolutely LOVE Pottery Barn!)

pattyo said...

What a fabulous job you've done on both rooms! Very creative!

Terri Davenport said...

What amazing rooms!

Lydia said...

Wow amazing paint jobs and I love the peace signs they look fantastic.!!

Summer Fullerton said...

The girls rooms look fabulous Lisa - I can't believe you cut all those peace signs.

Elaina Holguin said...

Lisa...the rooms are AMAZING!!! That totally compliments the girl's personalities very well!!! Thank you for sharing with me :) P.S...such a cute blog! Elaina