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Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh what a night

Wednesday night was one of the oddest nights. K had swim practice and swam like a star. They were doing test sets (trying to advance to the next level). She had to swim eight 100 meter free styles all in under 1:45 with less than 30 seconds between each and then swim 5 IM (all four strokes) in under 2 minutes...AND SHE MADE IT!!!!! I am so proud of her, there is no way on earth I could do that. She has also decided to move up which is another big step because her two close friends will not be advancing. So after all that excitement, we come home, celebrate her victory, have dinner and get her ready for bed. That's when she started getting sick. The poor kid threw up about every fifteen minutes until 2:30 am. We finally fell asleep around 3:15. Needless to say, we didn't do a whole lot yesterday except watch TV and snuggle.
K's class has been working on reports about famous Americans. K's report was on Ben Franklin. They collected a ton of research (mostly done in school-LOVE that), wrote poems, watched different videos and then had a presentation that was due. On Tuesday K presented to her class and then Wednesday afternoon the kids presented to parents and other classes in the school who wanted to come. Here is K's costume (my little swimmer was so excited to learn that Ben invented swim fins LOL).
I was excited to find that coat, glasses and those shoes at Goodwill. They were perfect! We created the wig by using a bald cap we found at a local costume shop and then hot glued white yarn to the back. It was fun to go and talk to each of the kids and hear about their famous Americans and see all the amazing costumes. These kids really got into this project.
Wanted to share a new love of mine with all of you. Have you tried these???
These muffins taste awesome and they are great for Weight Watchers because they are low in fat but high in fiber. When you are trying to watch what you are eating a lot of times you end up sacrificing on taste. These muffins are seriously yummy though!
Before I go I have a project to share. Last week's assignment for the Emma's Paperie Blog was to make birthday tags. I created these bright, happy tags using some of my favorite goodies from Emma's. Make sure to check out the blog for my supply list as well as all the other designers' amazing projects.
We have our final swim meet of this season Saturday and it is at K's old pool where she swam before we moved. Looking forward to spending time with friends that we miss terribly. Have a wonderful weekend!
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Marlene said...

What a great costume!

I generally avoid anything with the word "Fiber" in it...unless it's ribbon. heehee.

Love the tags you made. So bright and cheery!

TraceyT said...

That tag is just adorable. What a fantastic color combo and choice of product.

ellen s. said...

oh how CUTE! what a great costume...perfect and i love the photo...your card is too cute

AND i we love the fiber one choc bars so i have to try those muffins

i got my PC mag! thank you!!!

Linda Beeson said...

I love that little tag, such great colors.

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Congratulations to your daughter for such an amazing achievement, that is sooooo cool! :) What sweet projects too Lisa, sooo summery. :)

Casey Wright said...

congrats on your "k" that's awesome... and yes I have tried those muffins - they are delicious! If you like pancakes, you should try that brand too! We love them here - and that card is just adorable!

Charlene said...


Is K feeling better? Does she ever do that after she swims? Or maybe a bug?

I just love your tag!!! And that costume is is perfect! Have a great Sunday ! Hugs, Char

chelemom said...

Your tags are so cute!

Mary Jo said...

I had no idea he invented swim fins, I just learned something new, LOL! =) Hope your little one is feeling better!

dannisdoodles said...