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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Like a Bad Mom

Morning everyone!
I just got back from taking the girls to school and I feel terrible. L was crying all morning telling me that she is not feeling well again. She had a stomach bug on Monday, would have missed school if there had been school. She stayed inside all day and really wasn't feeling good. She hasn't thrown up since early, early Monday morning. Yesterday she was feeling almost back to normal and spent the snow day playing with the neighbors. This morning she woke up, came down to my room and said she felt great. About 15 minutes later she started crying and saying her stomach hurt again. I made her go to school anyway. :( The teacher in me just can't keep her home unless she is running a fever or throwing up. Now I am sitting here wondering how she is doing. So please say a prayer for my little sweetie that she starts feeling better after getting to school and gets going.
I really don't have anything that I can share with you right now. I have been working on a few assignments and will share those as soon as I can. Mostly though I have been reorganizing my scrap room. I really needed to make room for all the new CHA stuff coming, a bunch of really cool Sizzix dies to be exact. A few of them already came this last weekend and I plan on playing some today. Hopefully I will have a card to share with you tomorrow. Until then I did have a few magazines to give away.
Here is what I have:

All you have to do to win a copy of one of these magazines is leave a comment telling me what your favorite new CHA release is or your favorite organization tip. Make sure to tell me which magazine you would rather have as well.
Have a great day and I hope to have something to share with you tomorrow. (If one sweet little girl can make it through the day! Thanks for stopping by!


Krista said...

I can't wait to get my hands on some of that Dear Lizzie paper from American Crafts. Looks like the perfect colors for spring.

ellen s. said...

aw! poor seems as if everything is going around right now.

fav thing from CHA???? New Webster's Pages!!!

castlebc said...

I hope your kiddo is feel better, mine are 'sharing' strep throat. I can't wait til spring to rid of these winter germs.

I can't comment on the CHA but can share my favorite organizational tip. I have a scrap bag that is always stocked so I can crop at a moments notice. It is stocked w/all the basics like tape, scissors, cutters, and other items I use regularly and of course solid color card stock. When I have 'free' time I preorganize my photos w/paper and embelishments; sort of like a pre-made kit. This way when I have the time at home or someone calls at a moments notice I have things ready to go.

Thanks Lisa for a chance at a gave away. I am not picky; either magazine would be awesome.

Casey Wright said...

Awe - I'm sure you are a great mommy! The fact that you are worrying tells me your are!!!Hope she feels better. I love all of the American Crafts stuff, but my fave is the Dear Lizzie stuff too! As for the magazine, thanks for the give away, but I already receive both of those! Have fun with your new CHA stuff!

Terri Davenport said...

Oh, I hope she made it through the day okay! Those tough calls are the worst.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Oh no...hope she made it through the day and felt tons better! I hope you didn't beat yourself up too badly for sending her to school. It's hard being a mom sometimes... :(

Charlene said...

Awww Lisa...I always feel so bsd when the little ones get sick...I hope she feels better soon :-)

CHA...uumm....I guess I love Tim's new edge die cuts. Cuddle with L !

Audrey Pettit said...

So sorry you are feeling so torn, Lisa! I'm sure we've ALL been through that. It's a really tough call to make sometimes. My son was feeling icky this week and stayed home a day, but I was really pushing him to go. In high school, you just CAN'T miss any time. It's almost impossible to make everything up, and if you miss 3 classes, you flunk that class. Anyway, don't feel badly, my dear. You are doing a fabulous job!

pattyo said...

Love everything Prima! Hope your daughter is well. I would love either magazine. Thanks for the chance.