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Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Look

Happy Monday everyone!

I decided that it might be time to change my header since the last one was well over a year old. I just love that photo of my girls so much though that I wanted to keep it as long as possible. But alas, when your children grow and change so must you. :) Anyway, captured this picture when we were on our way to take DD to her fall swim party. The beautiful view behind them was right off the highway and I couldn't resist pulling over and snapping a few pictures. I would love to hear what you think.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. With all the sniffles and yuck that went around our house combined with a late soccer season we were quite behind this year. We did get a chance to carve pumpkins on Saturday before trick or treating. K had us laughing with her pumpkin gutting antics.

The girls drew their own designs on the pumpkins again this year. I love how they turned out.

I made sure to get done carving pumpkins in plenty of time to take pictures of the girls in their costumes. L was an artist this year. Check out the barret. I got it at Claire's. It was hanging right next to the Fame leg warmers. Aaahhhh!!! Can't believe those are back!

K was a frazzled housewife. She and I had so much fun putting this costume together. I got a bad case of the giggles when I looked at this photo. LOL I had told her to pose as if the baby had been up all night crying and she was having a bad morning. heeheehee

OK, now for a project. Have you had a chance to check out this month's issue of Scrap Street? My sweet friend Stacey asked me to create a layout for her Open Road column. She asked me to incorporate sound into my journaling and this is the layout I created for her column. You can find it here.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Lynn said...

oooooooooooooooo beautiful lo. and nothing like pumpkin guts to get a few yuks going on. love it.

Michelle Lanning said...

just beautiful Lisa! Love the new photo - the girls are getting so big!

And lovely layout!

Sarah Mullanix said...

Oh, those are great the look on K's face!!! Hope you guys had lots of fun.

Mary said...

Love the photos, Lisa!

Lisa Howard said...

Where to the gorgeous new header. Such a beautiful photo of 2 lovely young ladies. Now for the Halloween pics...I had a wonderful little giggle over the frazzled housewife costume! LOVE it! They are both very creative costumes but K's exasperated look is priceless. Wonderful layout too, dear lady! You are so freakin' talented! Hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo L

Sandie said...

Funny costumes! And that layout is beautiful. I can just *hear* the sounds nad lack of them, on that layout.

Terri Davenport said...

Love your layout and photos! The one where she's scooping out the pumpkin is too funny!

Pamela said...

Great pictures! And I LOVE your layout!!!

kimosabescraps said...

what creative costumes.. love the frazzled mommy one.. she looks like me some mornings!! rofl

Love the layout... esp the frame around the journaling!!

Linda Beeson said...

That new header is just plain wonderful. I just love the expressions on their faces. AND, cute costumes too.

Charlene said...

Oh! Those girls are absolutely precious!!!! I really love the new blog header too!! Great LO!!! So much talent running thru you :-)
Hugs, Char