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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You God

Sorry I missed a few days last week. I have been swamped and barely been at home. Not bad stuff, lots of volunteering at school (love, love that) and other running around. My friend Shari and I hosted a movie night for our woman's ministry group also. I just love when they do all these great events and I wish I could go to all of them. We used the Joy Luck Club. I really enjoyed the movie. It gives you a lot to think about as a mother and a daughter. Love that I have this group of woman to share conversation and good food with.
Speaking of church activities, I had to share this. You know as a mom I always hope that what I am teaching is getting through to the kids but you just never know. We were sitting in church yesterday and my DD wrote a prayer out of the blue on a piece of paper out of the bulletin. It read:

Dear Lord,
Holy, holy, holy is your name. You give us everything. Thank you for bringing me hear today. Thank you for giveing me all this stuff. Even when we don't earn it. Thank you for enternal life. Thank you for for giving us more than one chance. Amen

I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

I have a few projects that I wanted to share with you real quick. The first two were in a recent issue of Paper Trends.

This one was for the quick and easy gifts section in a recent issue of Paper Crafts.

All of three gifts were made using this caddy from Creative Imaginations. I bought the caddy knowing that I wanted to use the three smaller pieces to make the teacher's pencil caddy but couldn't bare to throw the other pieces away.

Have a spectacular week and thank you for stopping by!


Susan Beth said...

Yeah for a daughter who gets it! Cute projects too!

kimosabescraps said...

such cute projects... I love love that welcome sign!!!

Have a good day!

NancyJones said...

oh isnt it the best feeling when your kid "gets it" I mean really GETS IT! That is sooo awesome!

LOVE your projects!! gorgeous work

Suzie Webb said...

Such a sweet little prayer Lisa! Love your projects too :)

Jenniwren32 said...

Love the gift set for a teacher - What a cute idea!!!

**** April **** said...

that is the most precious thing I've read in a long time!!! What a blessing!