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Monday, September 8, 2008

A few spooky projects for you

WOW the weekend flew by! We enjoyed the wonderful weather and watched lots of soccer this weekend. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you soon. I do have a couple of things to share with you today though.

First I figured I would share a Halloween layout I did a little while back. Lots of different techniques on here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Second I got my October issue of Paper Crafts in the mail. Oh this is a fun one! Love all the Halloween projects in there. I thought I would share one of my projects from the magazine. I will share the others in a week or so.

Have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by!


Michelle StClair said...

That pumpkin layout is perfect!!! Love it!

Linda Beeson said...

That little pumpkin peeking out if just adorable!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Hey thanks for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated! Love the pumpkin layout and hope you don't mind if I lift the boxed chocolates project...that is soooo adorable! :)

Sarah Mullanix said...

Oh, I forgot about that pumpkin layout with the cute little jack-o-lantern peeking his head up.
I just love that one!!!

Rita Weiss said...

I love that little treat idea Lisa (so darn cute!). Congrats on the pub!

chelemom said...

How stinking cute!!! I tried finding a link to your e-mail...but couldn't. I wanted to say hi, my mil knows your mom. (My mil's name is Lynda Kovack) She has been talking about you for some time.....and of course I always see your name!