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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sporty Girls

Morning everyone,

I usually try to post on Tuesday mornings but I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday.  We did have a really great weekend.  

My sweet parents came into town to see the girls compete at a home gymnastics meet.  I use the term compete loosely.  Every year the gym has a meet for everyone, team and rec, enrolled at the gym.  Since K is taking rec class (what is she not involved in??? that child!) she got to participate too.  Then we raced over to the ice rink so L could also skate in her first skating competition.  She did a beautiful job but you will never know because I was so captivated that I forgot to take pictures!  Can you believe that???

As I stated above, K has a wide variety of interests.  I love that my children are involved.  It keeps them busy, out of trouble and off the computer and away from the TV.  BUT, we do have to work with K to keep her from over doing it.  She brought a form home for student council yesterday.  I hated that I had to make her choose to not get involved but there is a limit.  So...during our conversation I had her write down her current commitments, adding student council and number them in order of importance to her.  This is what it looked like (I am NOT kidding)

1.   Youth group  (love that this is her number one priority!)
2.   Soccer (currently practices 4 days a week and plays a game every Saturday morning)    
2.   Gymnastics rec class
2.   School Play (thank goodness the show is next week!)
2.   Piano
2.   Student Council

She obviously needs to work on her numbering skills! HA!  She did decide to not do Student Council.  I do have to say, we have had a discussion about this more than once when she decided to try out for the play again.  Her response, "Mom,  I am getting straight A's in school."  How do you argue with that?  I don't know about her but I am ready for the summer!

Since we are on the topic of sports maybe it would be a good time to share a layout I did for Challenge Me Happy.  We would love for you to join us this week.  You could win goodies from My Little Shoebox!  We have a color challenge this week, using red, black and white.  Perfect IU colors.  :)  There was no doubt what I was going to scrap.  Here is my layout.  

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Awww, such a sweet pic of the girls with your parents, Lisa! I love your daughter's list with all of the 2s. That's something Alexa would do too. LOL! We try to limit her to about 3 activities but with middle school starting next year, I'm not sure what we'll do. You worked with the color combo beautifully. It works so well with your pics!

Charlene said...

Too funny!But you know, your doing the right thing with keeping them busy, I was like that too! Sounds like they will be real go getter's, but your teaching them to think abut their commitments before they take on to much and that's so important!My DD does that and burns herself out. Not a good thing.

And this LO seriously is my fav...well executed, colors, pp's, pictures...pefect!!

pattyo said...

Beautiful layout! I think it's important for children to be involved in healthy activities and agree that they need a limit. My son is the same way. Oh, the energy of youth--wish I had some of it now! lol

pattyo said...

Beautiful layout! I think it's important for children to be involved in healthy activities and agree that they need a limit. My son is the same way. Oh, the energy of youth--wish I had some of it now! lol

Connie Mercer said...

beautiful work~love how you used the washi tape!

Sarah Webb said...

Great colour scheme!

angie gutshall said...

Love the layout! Great open space and use of mutiple pictures.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

We have Brookie in dance and feel busy enough with that! LOL!!! I loved how she numbered everything after one 2)!! LOL!! Tooooooo cute!! And love love love your lo!! LOVING the colors, the photos and the design!!

Linda Beeson said...

I so love the layout! It is great that your daughters want to do these things and it isn't because you are pressing them. Sounds like it is their choices, has to be good for them.

Izzy Anderson said...

Love that list. Ha! Beautiful page.

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, I always knew you guys were super busy, but to see it all down in writing is just head-spinning! I don't blame you one bit for having K take a good hard look at her activities and make some decisions. But how awesome that your girls are so involved. :)
Totally LOVE this layout, Lisa! Think it might be my absolute top-fave of yours. We need to see this in print!