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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mud and Goals

Man, I feel like I have been surrounded by mud lately.  It has been raining so much and since we do not have grass yet, our whole yard is a complete mud pit.  Our yard is not the only mud pit, the soccer fields have been a mess.  L's fields in particular are very muddy and she had a run in or two with those mud puddles.  :)

Of course you have to play hard to get that muddy.  One of her greatest strengths on the soccer field is that she is fearless.  She goes after the ball and never looks back.

K's fields have not been quite as bad.  She has definitely been playing well though.  When we moved here she had the choice to play on a girl's team or to play coed.  She learned when playing in Bloominton that playing coed makes her a better player so she chose to play coed once again.  She can give those boys a run for their money, no matter how tall they are. 
She scored her first goal of the season last week.
She has actually started practicing with a travel team.  I really like the coach.  He is a really nice guy, has a lot of fun with the girls, but what I like about him the best is his honesty.  Since she has never played travel she is behind the other girls her age.  He talked to K about what it is going to take to get her to the level where the other 11/12 year old girls are.  He was honest but encouraging.  I am so proud of my sweet girl and her attitude. On the way home she asked me if I thought her coach might meet her early each practice so she could work with him.  I have no doubt that she is going to be playing at their level in no time.
Before I leave, I have a card to share.  We had a fabulous color inspiration at Emma's this week.  Here is my card for the color inspiration.
Make sure to check out the great inspiration picture and the other designers' projects on the Emma's Paperie blog
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!


Claude said...

These are great shots Lisa!
Have a great day!!

Lynn said...

great action shots lisa!!! and the card is soooooooooo pretty.

Nati Tristan said...

That's a great card! But I especially love the action shots you got! Those pictures are fab!

Casey Wright said...

It takes a real gift in a person to be honest and encouraging at the same time. Kudos to your daughter for doing something challenging - those are some of the best opportunities at growth! Lovely card!

Christa said...

those are great action shots Lisa! And good for them for being tough players!

amy said...

gotta love the mud.

ashjoy said...

What fun! Wishing her tons of success in her soccer career!
Gorgeous card!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh how I hurt for you on that mud! Our house didn't have a yard when we moved in and I understand. Great soccer shots though. I am taking baseball photos these days.

Charlene said...

The girls look like they love scoccer....but the mud..Is it staying out of the house?? lol Jasmine started scoccer and all she does is chase after everyone...she couldnt care less about the ball lol!!! But she's only 4 still :-)

Great card Lisa!!!! :-) Have a wonderful week!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, do you ever get good sports action photos, Lisa! These are really excellent. I'm so glad the girls have found such great new teams and are having a ball (chortle). Ick on all the mud, though. We've been having quite a bit of rain and gloom around here, too. I'm hoping spring comes back.
Your card is gorgeous! I absolutely love blue and brown together. That brown flower is just stunning. Love the doily and love your design.

Jody said...

Wooohooo! Your girls are awesome and you got yourself some great shots there, missy :)
And such a lovely card too!
Have a great weekend, Lisa :)