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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
It is a dreary day here but wonderful none the less. How can I complain when I have been so incredibly blessed???
This weekend the girls got to do something pretty cool. I was still feeling a but under the weather so DH took them to L's gym where they got to meet....

Dominique Dawes, three time olympic gymnast!!!! How cool is that???? She was in town to speak at IU and somehow the gym managed to snag her for a meet and greet at the gym. The girls said she was a great speaker and very relavent to any athlete. Afterward there was a bit of time for photos and autographs. DH apologizes for the blurry photo above. He said they were quite rushed when it got to this point.


L got her gym t-shirt signed. I am sure that is going to be a treasure for years to come. We have enjoyed being a part of this amazing gym family and will miss all of them so much. See that sweet girl in background? She is our local star. She won 1st in vault and 3rd all around (I think) at Nationals this last year and plans on trying out for upcoming Olympics. She is amazing to watch but better than that, she is just the sweetest girl. She is always giving L hugs and smiling at everyone she meets. Great kid!
Of course, I have a card to share with you today too. This week's assignment for Emma's Paperie was to create a Antique inspired project.

You can find my supply list here. Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope your Valentine's Day is full of love and laughter.


Sandie said...

Beautiful card! I absolutely love it. I need to check that challenge out.

Pamela said...

How cool! What an awesome opportunity for your girls. And I love your card! It's beautiful! :)

Charlene said...

that had to be sooooo exciting to the girls! WOW something they will always remember!

Beautiful card Lisa!!I sure hope your feeling better today??

Bella said...

That is so EXCITING!!

Your card is very pretty!! I love vintage looking cards!!

Linda Beeson said...

LOVING that card! What a really neat little mix of goodness.

Jody said...

How very cool for your girls to meet her!
I just posted on my blog spmething similar :)
Gorgeous card as always, my friend!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, what a very cool experience for your girls! Love that your DH was able to get a couple of photos.
Love your antique-inspired card. Love, love, love the shabby chic look. Great cluster of fun goodies.