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Friday, October 1, 2010

Taking a deep breath

I am beat, literally exhausted. I have been at the school just about every day for the last two weeks from 9 am until at least 4pm, some days longer.
Some of you who know me may know that last year I agreed to be a part of the Read-a-Thon, the main fund raiser at our school. When I agreed to be a part of this program I had no idea how much time and effort I would end up putting into in, nor how absolutely amazing it would be. We have two schools under our PTO a primary school (K-2) and then an elementary school (3-6). Our theme for the elementary school this year was Percy Jackson. The whole read-a-thon is based around that book. My friend Amanda and I are in charge of tracking and incentives. I know that this seems like a small job but somehow we have taken much farther. (What was I thinking???? LOL) In the book, Percy and his friends are trying to get from Maine to Las Angeles. On the way they encounter monsters. So our tracking includes four ten foot wide maps of the United States with 6 stops where Percy met monsters. Each class moves along the map based on the minutes they have read. Then my committee will supply rewards for the classes, such as a Water Balloon Challenge when they reach Denver where Percy met Ares at a Water Park or the Rockin' Elvis Dance Party when they reach Las Vegas. :)
The Primary school has a similar system and parties related the Ms. Frizzle and the Magic Schoolbus visit the Solar System. Their parties include a Martian Madness party where we will help them make Martian antenae and paint martians on their faces. :) They get to have a Jumpin' Jupiter Dance party instead of Elvis. Should be a lot of fun.
So today was the big kick off. I have to say, Amanda and I are only a small part of this program. We have some amazing moms helping out to make this a success. My friend Joleen is in charge of the Kick Off Style show for both schools. The show was this morning at 9:15 and it was jaw dropping. I think I mentioned that K is loving 6th grade. Her teachers do so many great things throughout the year. One of the cool things is Greek Day which will be in 2 weeks. So all four sixth grade teachers dressed up as Greek gods and goddesses to go along with the Percy Jackson theme and got up on stage. Our principal then came out dressed up as Zeus. :) Kids auditioned for a chance to be involved. So following Zeus' appearence, about 30 kids one at time came across stage dressed up as a book character while their book was up on the screen and Zeus gave a small bit of info about that book. It was so cool.
In my rush to get the kids to school this morning along, with the last things I needed for the read-a-thon, I forgot my camera. I hope to have pictures for you soon.
I have a project to share with you today also. I made this card for Emma's Paperie last week. You can find all the supplies and step by step instructions on the Emma's blog.
Thanks for stopping by. I am going to go veg. :)


Lydia said...

Wow it sounds like a really great program!! and it sounds like you could use a nap LOL!! Beautiful card!! Love the glittery butterfly!!

Jody said...

Just wanted to say "Hi!" to you, my friend, I have missed reading your blog and hope that some normalcy comes very soon!
Looks like you are a very busy lady, the school is very lucky to have you :)
Have a great weekend!

ellen s. said...

oh gosh, you go girl! that is amazing you do that for your kiddos and school. reading is so important

gorgeous gorgeous card!

Pamela said...

Beautiful card! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! You definitely deserve to veg,Lisa! What an amazing amount of work you have been up to lately. Those schools are lucky to have you! I would love to see everything. Hope you can get some photos. We loved the Percy Jackson books at our house. Read every one. The whole concept you guys came up with is very, very cool. Love the Magic School Bus, too.
Gorgeous card! Love that butterfly. It really pops against the neutrals.

Melissa said...

Cute card!

ellen s. said...

you should come and don't have to have anything done until noon monday your time ;) plenty-o-time ;)

Chris Hertel said...

Man, I hate when I forget my camera. The card is absolutely gorgeous!! Hope you were able to rest up a bit this weekend. :)