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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good Morning!
I have some friends I would like you meet today. If you read my blog last week you may remember that I was talking a great deal about the school Read-a-Thon that I was a part of. I did not have a chance to grab my camera before rushing out the door on Friday morning so I didn't get any pictures of the kick-off that was held that morning at our school. I thought I would share the front page of Thursday's newspaper with you so you could see some pictures.

Pretty cool huh? The top picture is Melinda, our librarian who was dressed up as Cupid. The image in the left corner of the picture is Lisa, the music teacher. She is dressed in an amazing costume to depict Medusa (one of the characters from the Percy Jackson; Lightning Thief book). She walks on stage and tricks Cupid to look in her eyes and freezes her. Two of the 6th grade teachers who are dressed as Greek gods come and carry her off. :) The bottom image is Joe, our principal dressed as Zeus. You gotta love a principal that will put that much love into a program to support the kids and school. See that beard? I think he has been growing it just for this part. :)
Now I have to make sure you know, I was not responsible for that part of the Read-a-thon. The credit goes completely to my friends Char who made all those awesome costumes and Jolene who wrote the scripts for everyone. They were amazing! My part was more behind the scenes. In this post I was explaining the work that my friend Amanda and I did. Here is a picture of one of the four maps we did for the elementary school. Each colored section of the map was cut out of construction paper and attached to a map that we had created on white butcher paper. I have not had a chance to get pictures of the solar systems that we put up in the Primary school.

I have a few more friends for you to meet today. I created these monster jars for Glue Dots®. I found the jars at Michael's last year and have been waiting for the perfect time to use them. These monsters were actually very easy to make.

To create each monster:
1. Cut a monster body out of solid cardstock.
2. Ink the outside edges of their body.
3. Cut eyes out of Eye'm Watching You paper by SEI and attach using Craft Glue Dots.
4. Draw in mouth with black marker. Using white marker add teeth.
5. Attach Pop Up Glue Dots on the monster's body. Sprinkle with glitter or Sparkly Fluff.
6. Cut out arms, legs and hair out of black and attach to the monster.
7. Attach the monsters to the jar using Glue Lines.
8. Paint corks with black paint and fill the jars with candy.
9. Cut tages out of Scary Story Cards paper from Echo Park and mat on cardstock.
10. Tie jute around the top of bottle several times and attach tags.
11. Finish off with a piece of toile.
. . .

I have been busy creating all kinds of Halloween goodies. I also finished a Halloween layout for Creative Charms last night. Here is a peek for you.

Stop by the Creative Charms blog to see the entire project.
Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by!


dannisdoodles said...

good grief, too, too cuuuuuute lisa looooove ♥

Jessica said...

These are really cute. I am supposed to be making favors for my daughter's class. Great idea! can call me Kim said...

Love them.... Adorable!

Charlene said...

Those little monster guys are sooooo cute!!!!! And the read-a-thon is very very cool!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, love that newspaper clipping! Looks like the staff and volunteers went all out on that project. Thanks for sharing those and what a cool giant map you helped create.
You should have seen my eyes widen when I read "monster jars". You know you got me with those, my friend! How adorable! How creative! I LOVE the dimensional polka dots you created with the glue dots and glitter. Fabulous!

Linda Beeson said...

Your little project is so cute! How cool you can be so involved in your kids school, that makes so much difference.