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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quite Charming

I have started working with a company by the name of Creative Charms. Have you seen their wonderful product? The have the most gorgeous vintage rhinestone brads and velvet flowers. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet both Michelle (the owner) and Midori (the design team coordinator) at CHA in California. What sweet women!
I have really enjoyed working with their product and wanted to share a few things with you today. Nicol, the marketing director, asked me to create some projects for a few summer kids' camps they will be selling. These projects are aimed towards children ages 8-12 and would be perfect for scrapbook stores looking for camps they would like to offer during the summer. If you are interested in finding out more about these kits, they will be for sale on the Creative Charms site in mid April.
I have to say, this assignment was a perfect fit for me. After teaching second grade for six years and then having two little girls, I enjoy this kind of thing. My first two projects used the Playtime Girl Set.

This next project was made using the Playtime Boy set.
Two different mini album kits will also be offered.

Thanks for stoppying by and have a fabulous Easter!


Chrispea said...

OH yes, I know Creative Charms!! I did their catalog and some of the package design. Michelle is so nice. And, I just love their vintage brads!

Michelle Lanning said...

love this! I will be working with them as well! Love seeing what you have made!

Andrea Amu said...

Cool stuff, Lisa! I actually got to work with some cute Creative Charms flowers in my Serendipity kit this month... really nice!

Love all your projects... esp. that CUTE flip-flop book!

Ilene said...

Those projects are adorable, love the flip flop one! And thank you for stopping by my blog!!

Pamela said...

These are awesome! :) What fun projects.

Norma Kennedy said...

first time hearing about Creative Charms & will have to check them out ...and goodness is that flip plop album way tooo Cute !!!!!

Lisa Howard said...

Yes, you are a perfect fit for these products! Love your projects!!!

Charlene said...

Very very cool!!!! Love all of these adorable projects especially the flip flops lol!!! Happy Easter!!! Hugs!

Audrey Pettit said...

How cool, Lisa! Big congrats to you! I just adore you kid camp projects. I can tell they are going to be a huge success. Love that flip-flop album.

Claude said...

Wow I love what you did with the products!
The flip-flop is really cool!

Casey Wright said...

Congrats on working with Creative Charms - I will definitely have to check it out :)... Also, I'm LOVING your projects - those door hangers are great and I think those flip flops are so cute!

chelemom said...

Such cute projects! But seriously? The flip flop is over the top cute!!!!