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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is anyone else crazy busy?

Happy Break from the Christmas Chaos Day! OK, so it is not an official holiday but I really think it should be! LOL
It has been a busy week. Tuesday we had 40-50 people over for DH's work party. The girls had a wonderful time entertaining everyone even though they were the only kids. The party went very well except for a little accident with the buffet table and lots of china. When the table got brought upstairs the caterer failed to check to make sure that it was locked in place. It collapsed when they put all the china on it. We had someone come and look at the wood floors yesterday and it looks like it they can fix it with no problems. (that will be a next week project) Please pray that they can get it done by New Years when we are having DH's family over.
Yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with the fifth graders. They were loaded with sugar as they made gingerbread houses out of frosting and graham crackers. Today they get to help their kindergarten buddies make houses. More sugar!
I also get to spend the morning today with L's class for their Around the World party. (I will share pictures when I get those. She chose Sweden and will be showing off the wreath and basket she made. It should be a lot of fun! :)
Wanted to quickly share a card I made for last week's red and gold challenge for the Emma's Paperie blog. You can check out the blog for all the other gorgeous creations and a supply list for my card.

Have a fabulous day and hope you can find some time to relax and enjoy the season today.


Pamela said... does sound like you have been busy! Did you freak out when the table collapsed? I'm trying to envision how I would have responded. :) Love the card!

Charlene said...

It sounds so completely chaotic!!! It dosent sound like it now but one day you will look back and laugh!

Those house's the kids made are so precious!!! Thanks for sharing , I love it!!

And this card is gorgeous! Merry Christmas my friend!

Sasha HOlloway said...

OMGosh . I could not even imagine my reaction if the table collasped .. the gingerbread houses are SO cute .. too too neat .. love that

Mary Jo said...

Those little houses are so completely adorable! How cute! Love your card ;)

Jen Martakis said...

Oh wow, sorry to hear about the table and your floor. Eek! Hope it can be fixed quickly.

I love all those little gingerbread houses. So cute!

and what a gorgeous card! :)

lisa dickinson said...

sounds like you've been running like crazy girl! here's hoping this weekend is a bit less hectic! :)

ellen s. said...

i totally here what you are bloggin', LOL! i think i could get it done

super cute card!

Anabelle said...

Oh no!!! Did the china all break??? The houses are just so cute. I hear ya on being crazy busy! It's a nutty time of year for sure!

Sherry Wright said...

What a busy girl you've been, wow! Love the red & gold card & your tree in the post below looks amazing. :)