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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yay, it's almost Friday!

Woohoo, I can not wait. We actually get to relax this weekend! The house is ready and I plan on just sitting and relaxing, going to a gymnastics meet, and doing lots of crafting!

Two appraisers come today, as well as, some guy to check to make sure we don't have termites. I have to get everything ready for the Valentine's Day party at school tomorrow in K's class and I have a project for Emma's to get done. It's going to be a busy one today.

I thought I would share a card with you today. This one was published this last year in Cards. This is still one of my favorite American Craft lines. Love the colors.

After creating the card I hand cut out a flower from the pattern paper and placed it on the card. I then cut out petals from a second flower. I used a pencil to lightly curl them outwards and attached them here and there over the original flower. After that I simply tied a button to the center and added some ribbon and the sentiment.
Have a wonderful day!


Audrey Pettit said...

What a cute card, Lisa! I love that paper, too. Olive green is always one of my favorites. I love the dimension of the flower with the curl to the petals. Love it!
Good luck with your to-do list today!

denine zielinski said...

That is a beautiful card, my friend! I agree...the colors are awesome! I hope your weekend goes great!