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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain, rain go away

It's a rainy Tuesday here. Good reason to stay in and snuggle with my girls. I figure I need to take advantage of this time while I've got it. I can't believe they go back to school in one week!

Are you familiar with Google reader? OK, so I know I just started this blogging thing and maybe I am just out of the loop but I had to share with those of you who are as lost as me! (don't worry, you don't have to tell anyone. :D ) Anyway, Debbie Hodge was telling me about it at CHA so I just had to check it out. Now I am in love. You just add all the blogs you want to watch and it lets you know when people have posted a new entry. How cool is that?

As promised, I took some pictures of a few of the cards I worked on this weekend.

Have a wonderful day!


Claude said...

A friend made me discover Google Reader a few months ago and I love it too! It just make life so much easier!

Your cards sre gorgeous, I have a soft spot for that bird one!

PaperCutting Kind of Day said...

Sorry about that rain - of course, we could use some and I don't see it coming our way! LOVE your creations! HAPPY colors!

denine zielinski said...

I just heard of Google Reader, too, Lisa! It is too too cool! I love the cards, my friend. Do I see some AF letter stickers there?