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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sporting thoughts

Happy, happy Tuesday!!!!

One of the things I did when I found out we were moving was checked into a gym for L and a swim club for K. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I did. Their schedules have always kept us rather busy (how did I end up with children that chose sports that practice so much???) but it is so worth it. Both girls have started to make some good friends and it really seems to have helped them settle into the idea of living here.
I decided I needed to scrapbook a few of L's gymnastics pictures. They are definitely not the best pictures I have ever taken. The gyms tend to have really bad lighting we have to sit so far back. That doesn't change the fact that she lives to do gymnastics and it needs to be a part of her book. I used lots of my favorite stuff on this layout. All the chipboard is Magistical Memories. The die cut paper is Melissa Frances, Prima rhinestone flourishes and some Scenic Route goodness.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a fabulous day!


Tracey Taylor said...

I LOVE what you did with this page.

amy said...

love the page!

Mary - said...

awesome layout - love the colors 7 the design! thx for the inspo girl :) smiles, m-

Jess said...

Oh that layout is amazing! I love how you scrapped those photos - just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout! I think those pics are fine, but I definitely hear you on the not-so-great pictures. I always get frustrated about them, but usually scrap them anyway b/c they still hold the memory and tell the story...great job with this!

Lisa said...

Lovely layout! I feel your pain with gym lighting. All those years I spend in the cheerleading/tumbling gym wishing for better light. *sigh* But you are doing the right thing scrapping them anyway. And to be honest, yours seem to have turned out much better than mine ever did. Hope you are having a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

fabulous page! love that die cut on the black - just pops!