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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soccer, soccer and more soccer

Morning everyone!


As usual, the girls have been keeping us quite busy.  L is still spending 4 days a week at the gym, although that will lighten up a bit with the start of the summer schedule.  K has been completely involved in soccer the last month.  Weeks get  pretty busy when you are playing travel and middle school soccer.  I am not complaining, I adore watching her play.

Three weeks ago K's travel team played in the Red Lion tournament in Indy.  They play 11 girls on the field for these games and we only had 11 girls for the tournament.  This means that the girls played every game without subs.  3 of the 4 games, including the game for the championship, at least one girl got hurt causing them to play one man down and they still pulled out a championship win.

This last weekend our girls were honored to be invited to the President's Cup tournament.  The tournament is usually for division 1 and 2 teams but because our girls have had such an impressive record they were invited to attend.  That meant that they were ranked 16 out of the 16 U14 girls teams attending. These underdogs not only won two of the thee games they played (one team will go on to play the winning teams next week) but they won the last game playing 10 on 11. The talent and teamwork of these girls just blows me away. 

Last night was the middle school division championship game.  The best part about the game was that 3/4 of K's travel team play for the school that we were up against for the championship. I will admit is was hard cheering against these sweet girls. 

Starters for the championship game doing the Bobcat cheer :)

Playing tough
K and one of her travel teammates battle for the ball


K and some of her travel teammates after the game. :)

One of K's teammates that goes to a different school but came to watch the game. 

Since I have spent the majority of the post dedicated to sweet K, I thought I would give L a bit of time.  Since she has a summer birthday she doesn't usually get to celebrate her birthday at school.  One of her teachers has them bring in photos during their birthday week and she gives them a reward.  So the summer birthday kids get to bring theirs in this week.  I went searching for some photos to send and found this one.

Hmm...some things don't change.  This photo was taken yesterday.

LOL, I just love this goofy girl. 

And because I haven't shared enough photos with you today.  Two projects for Emma's Paperie to round out the post.  

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your holiday weekend!  Stay safe.