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Monday, November 11, 2013

Seasonly Yours

Hello...hello...anyone there?

It seems I have been a bit blog challenged. :)  Not sure anyone is even interested in reading my blog since it has been such a long time since I posted.

It has been a really good fall. K played her first year of High School soccer. She was a starter for the JV team  at her school. She has a blast and made a lot of new friends.

She is enjoying high school and doing extremely well. So proud of all she is doing with her life.

L is still doing gymnastics but has also decided she wants to give diving a try. She has been taking private diving lessons for the last month in hopes of making the team in January. Her gymnastics background is really making a difference. She is doing so well that the coach for her middle school has already taken notice of her and came over to talk to DH last week. She seems to really be enjoying it. It will get a bit interesting when the season starts up to balance diving and gymnastics but we will deal with that when it comes. She has also been practicing for the school play which will be this Friday.

As for me, I have been doing pretty much the same thing minus the scrapbooking and card making.  I am still designing for Emma's Paperie but that is really all I am doing right now. I am involved in a Bible study at my church and doing volunteer work for two different organizations here in town.

I got a chance to finally take some fall photos.  I was getting a bit worried that I was going to miss out on the beautiful fall colors. We have taken pictures every fall since we moved back to the Midwest. This year between practices and rain it looked like we were going to break the tradition. While my parents were in town this weekend we took these goofballs to a local park that actually had a few brightly colored leaves left.

Of course I had to get a picture of the girls with my parents. 

And there were these two photos that I just fell in love with. 

So, as I said earlier, I am still designing for Emma's Paperie.  A couple of weeks ago I created this Christmas project. You can find the supplies here. This is definitely going to be a gift I duplicate this Christmas. I found the recipe for Moose Munch here and it is divine! You seriously have to try this!

And I also created this card. You can find the supply list here

Have a fabulous week and I will hopefully be back soon! Thanks for stopping by!