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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yes...we are still alive :)

A sweet friend of mine sent me a text today saying, "it has been a month since you updated your blog, is everything ok?"  (I still owe you a text back Steph!)  So if you are reading this, I love you!  I can't believe that anyone is still coming back here after I have been gone so long!  :)

Yes, we are OK.  A lot has stayed the same, some has changed this past month or so.  As I posted in my last post, I have seriously changed my perspective on things.  Right now that means less scrapbooking and more growing closer to God.  I am involved in two Bible Studies (one that DH and I host here on Wednesday nights) and the other a more intense study on Thursday mornings.  I am trying to be much more dedicated to my studies.  I will admit, way too often I would treat it as something to "get done", check it off my list.  I am spending more time praying before and after and researching passages I don't understand.  The other change is that I have added more volunteer work to my schedule.  We have been so incredibly blessed and I HAVE to give back.  It is not an option.  I really feel this is why God gave me the opportunity to stay home.  When my girls were little, it was to raise them and play with them and care for them.  Now, I have time to care for others.

As for my awesome family, things are busy as usual but that is nothing new.  K made her middle school soccer team.  Have to say I am so very proud of her.  She set a goal for herself and worked her tail off to achieve it.  The thing that I am the most proud of though is that she didn't give up. She tried out last year and didn't make the team.  Most middle school girls I know would have given up there but she just trained harder, attending two extra practices a week for her travel team so she could get better.  She is an amazing girl.  It sure does make her a busy girl though.  School practice 5 nights a week (two of those nights she goes straight from there to her team practice) and then games on weekends.

L is still as excited about gymnastics as ever.  She has added an additional day to her schedule not because she is trying to work herself to death learning new skills but just because she loves being at the gym.  You would think, with all that practice she would be tumbled out but she just continues when she gets home.  :)  She is a happy chica now that we have the trampoline up. :)  She has also breezed through adapting to middle school.  Her grades are phenomenal, she has made so many new friends and actually likes school for the most part.  I really think that if they started at 10 or 11 AM she would love it.  :)

Both girls are also still actively involved in their youth group.  We are so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing youth program and church.  Both girls are also going to be in the spring play again. Thankfully small parts or I don't know where we would fit it in our schedule.

Gearing up for this next week, as we prepare for DH to have surgery on his hip.  I am praying that his recovery is quick and as close to painless as possible.  He is an active guy and laying around is going to be hard for him.  Please keep him in your prayers.

So, as I stated I am scrapbooking much less but I have found a way to use my skills and talents nonetheless. I am going to be donating a lot of my old supplies to an assisted living facility that I have become involved with, as well as doing some card classes with the elderly women there.  Can't wait to get that started.

I haven't completely stopped scrapbooking for though.  I am still designing for Emma's Paperie.  Seriously, the best opportunity that has ever been given to me.  I adore Cindy and she is the best to work for!  I thought I would share a few of my projects I have done for her lately. As always you can find supply lists for all my projects on her blog along with a ton of amazing inspiration from the other team members.

And a fun card I created using the Silhouette I got for Christmas.  Love it!

Hmmm...guess I have had a thing for red titles lately huh? LOL  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I am so thankful for you!