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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Stuff

Hi everyone!
Been busy, busy, busy. We spent a wonderful weekend visiting my in-laws. My sweet niece turned 2 this weekend and we went over for her party. We had such a great time and wonderful food too. No better way to spend the weekend.
As my title aludes to, I have some new stuff to show you. First, the girls and I have been busy shopping trying to find just the right accent pieces for this huge mantle in our living room. When we started unpacking after the move, I told DH that we just HAD to get rid of some of the decorations we have had for the last 15 years. That left lots of unfilled spaces. We are taking it slowly with decorative items but I did want to finish this room. Here is the mantle finished. Sorry about the glare on the picture. What do you think?
The glass piece on the right along with the bowl of ceramic balls and the clock are all new. The canvas pictures of the girls were a gift from my in-laws last year. Aren't they stunning? The cool map and vase of flowers are from our last house.
While I was out shopping I also found this adorable lamp for the area off the kitchen. Isn't it cute?
I have also been working on a couple of projects for Magistical Memories. Last summer the girls went to a High School Musical camp. They had a program on the final day. The G clef chipboard piece by Magistical Memories was perfect for these pictures. I also used a mini photo strip along the bottom.
I added white paint and some glitter to give it a little pizazz.
Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

High School Musical CAmp. sounds like fun..

living creating & appreciating
~my blog

rev said...

ahhh that layout is gorgeous!!

Pamela said...

The mantle looks great! And I love that lamp! Fabulous layout too!!!

Claude said...

Wow, those canvases of the girls are gorgeous!!!
thanks for the congrats you gave me on my blog!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Love your mantle - looking good! And what a gorgeous layout - love the idea of a High School Musical camp - how fun. :)

vtpuggirl said...

Awesome page!

Michelle Lanning said...

oh it looks awesome - I love those canvases! The layout is awesome too!

Charlene said...

The mantle looks great! Its always fun do decorate!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the lamp! The only thing I migtht change on the mantle is to switch it a little so it's no matchy on each side. Like have 2 things on the right and 3 on the left or something so it's not one short item, one tall, one short and then the exact same on the other side. But I love the flowers and candle holder.