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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold is not ALL bad

OK first, I need to admit that I am cheating a bit. I am actually sitting here on Wednesday night typing up tomorrow's post. The reason? We got a call that school will be delayed two hours tomorrow!!! They are predicting 14 below with the wind chill. Man, that is cold! So I plan on sleeping in a bit and then hangin' out with my girls before they go to school. :)

I wanted to answer two questions Stacey has asked recently.
Have I read any good books? I just finished up a book called 90 Minutes in Heaven that Santa put in my stocking. :) It was pretty good. I went through it pretty fast and I really enjoyed the author's honesty and loved reading about his description about heaven.

Would you post some pictures of your scraproom? I posted several pictures on December 19th of my room if you want to go back and find them. I didn't post pictures of my closet because honestly, it is not all that pretty. LOL I have a bunch Rubber Made type drawers in there where I keep my DT supplies. Some of them are huge and others are smaller for embellishments and such.

Wahooo, it is project day over at the Emma's Paperie blog again and I am telling you that you need to get over there! WOW the projects are jaw dropping this week. Simply gorgeous! I decided to make several mini cards for my sweethearts. I plan on tucking these in their backpacks and on my DH's desk on Valentine's day. Of course I can't simply make something like this without making a cute little box to go along with them. :)

I am not sure what happened to the sentiment on that front card. Somehow I got it washed out in the photograph. Sorry about that. It is a real pretty pink IRL I promise.

Thank you for stopping by! Have an amazing Thursday!


Susan Beth said...

Those are all super cute! -14 because of wind chill doesn't seem that bad when we get minus 20 without the wind chill all the time - and it is always windy here! And we never get a lovely delay to the start of school! I want delays!

Stacey said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the answers! I'll go back and look at the pictures of your scraproom. We also got a call last night that we were having a 2 hour delay! We were so happy. Tomorrow will be even colder, so I hope for another delay (or cancellation!!).

Hilary Kanwischer said...

LOVE these Lisa. :) Oh and that far my favorite, I just ordered a whole bolt of that in every color!!! LOVE IT!! :)

Chrys said...

14 below??? wow! so glad I'm here in CA!!! :) :) Cute projects!!!!

vtpuggirl said...

Very pretty! And man, that's cold! I'm glad you are looking on the bright side of things. Thanks for always coming to my blog!

chelemom said...

These are absolutely beautiful!!!!

Jenn said...

Adorable little cards!! I'm getting ready to make mine this week.

Speaking of cold, we are supposed to get a couple inches of snow tonite and we NEVER get snow. Hopefully, we'll get some...we've been praying, LOL:)